Our Products

This is the product of the company that will provide users with a discreet system service that covertly covers the user’s internet needs at every point. And it is divided into two; The Dream Wi-Fi (physical product) and Dream Connect Application (Software).

Dream Asset Management Solution (DAMS) is an application that handles asset management from the point of request to the eventual purchase and registration (i.e. pre-purchase and post-purchase).

Procurement Acquisition Guide (PAG) is a software that aggregates business procurement process. Some of its functionality includes: determining standards, developing specifications, supplier research and selection, value analysis, financing and price negotiation.

Dream Secure is a mobile application developed to ensure Nigerians are able to reach out for help as quickly as possible when in distress just at the push of a button on their mobile devices. It is an ICE – (In Case of Emergency) service where SOS messages are sent to preregistered contacts and such messages are made available to security agencies for quick response.

Dream Recruit is a one stop shop experience for the HR department’s talent sourcing needs. It is an end to end solution for the employee life cycle. The application is available in a web and mobile app interface.

This is a basket group of services packaged as Native applications available mostly exclusively on the Dream Mesh network to bring about new levels of service.

Dream Tunes is a subscription-based music streaming service for music (videos and audio) of different genres in Nigeria. It also allows artists to upload their songs to the public.
Subscription on Dream Tunes can either be Monthly & yearly. Songs can be shared or suggested to a friend. On the in-app songs can be played offline

This is a native application that will give valid and real-time weather update to users and intimate them on the required clothing based on the available daily climate data. DayCast will have a bearing on travel and event planning in terms of location and timing.

This is a native application resident on the Dream Wi-Fi Hardware that will ensure unlimited access to thousands of internet TV streaming services employing an intelligent search function and social media referrals of contents viewed by friends and family. This presents the user with an almost limitless option with guide paths to areas of interest using the viewing habits of people they know.

Through Dream Wi-Fi will enable voices and video calls to all networks. It will enhance communications and collaborations in the social and work environments.

Dream Conduit is testing platform that allows for uploading questions, programming answers, specifying duration and advising candidates accordingly. The application help reduces the time and effort spent in marking as it auto marks and give immediate feedback to candidates who did not meet the cut-off set.

The integration of Dream Medics as a native application for Dream Mesh Wi-Fi will enhance day to day health objective, vigor and response to adequate and functional health aid advice from wards and medical practitioners, thus preserving health.

This will provide real-time and valid traffic data to Dream WiFi Users, as well as Location situation alert that warn users of danger spots using news feeds and the user’s GPS position. Travel assist gives access to travel route suggestions, refuel points and
calculate expected time of arrival or even hail a taxi. This saves the user money and time which can be put to more productive uses.

This is a secure native Cloud storage and access application, specifically for storage and access of digitally converted, saved documents and personal effects. This will be linked with Harmonie for collaboration purposes.


Dream Transit Card provides the government bus operators and passengers with automated fare collection system leveraged by a smart card. Dream Transit Card realizes accurate, fair and reliable fare collection, contributing towards a stable efficient, effective, profitable and productive business to the government and bus operators.

As the world is tilting to internet, and mobile internet is on the increase, OLYNC is an app with the intent to connect Corpers at various camps viz a viz states. Olync is an app designed to connect all corpers in Nigeria for the period of service. OLYNC is an excellent source for Nigeria’s corpers to interact.